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Music and More MB 33


The analogue bass synthesizer "MB33" offers you the best sound money can buy for a original TB-303 clone! The cicuitry is totally analogue and consists almost totally of single transistors which makes the "MB33" sound absolutely authentical!

MAM have even copied the original 303 controllers to give you the right handling. The waveforms saw and square can be mixed. The 24db filter gives you the rich sound you need with the character of the 18dB filter of the original. This low-pass filter can be modulated with cutoff-resonance and ENV-modulation. You can also choose the decay-time and accent (from velocity 120).

With a seperate VCF-input, you can send external audio-signals through the filter. If you're looking for the right sound at the low budget price - you can't miss the MB-33.