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This picture shoot by Hans Kristian Siemensen during 2001. This is THE SYNTHESIZER NETWORK´s old
demosetup at ErikDahlbergsgatan. 


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This card were specially made for THE SYNTHESIZER NETWORK during the Frankfurt music fair 1997.     

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Some of You may already be familiar with this layout taken from THE SYNTHESIZER NETWORK´s
written receipts / invoices. Inspired by the Russian constructivist El Lissitzsky.

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When studying art from the 1920-1930, The BAUHAUS philosophy attracted almost all my
attention. BAUHAUS mathematical and geometrical principles are specially suitable for Web
design: It´s fast, stylistically pure, easily comprehensible and very logical.

visitg1.gif (21254 bytes)
The futurist typeface 'Avant garde' combined with architecture taken from the METROPOLIS film by Fritz Lang
constitutes THE SYNTHESIZER NETWORK´s calling /mail card.  

struc.gif (13797 bytes)
Beautiful lines, you are just waiting for the eyes to open. Man project the image of himself to the machines,
or perhaps it´s the other way around?

"The dynamism of the machines, the "soul" of the machines, has always been a part of our music.
Trance always belongs to repetition, and everybody is looking for trance in life, in sex, in the emotional,
in pleasure, in anything, in parties.... The machines produce an absolutely perfect trance."  

Ralf Hutter

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This picture with Christina Ricci is taken from the fashion magasin Vogue.
by email from one of our customers.