Stilleben / Créme Party
Henriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Live: Bangkok Impact
Live: Orgue Electronique
Live: Yourpyramid

Dj´s: Tlr, Rutherford

Orgue Electronique invited us to a pixelated yet organic world
filled with tron-like environments as real as anything. We are
engulfed in a magnetic-field of slightly distorted 808-kicks, that
tumbles around us like wellfed seals, ready for the harsh and
windbitten winter. Now and then, we find an igloo, were the
temperature is a comfortable 18°C, and within a Nordrack
greets us with cottonclad basshammers and semisharp reports
of iceagestrings. Absolutely wonderful

Bangkok Impact visualized on stage, almost like a surprise.
You know, when all of a sudden you notice you are in a vortex
of finnish markettango and dutch engineering. This was such a
moment, but you are being wellguided, for no rapid changes
or hasty turns are made. They ask you....we like you, do you
want to listen? And we say yes, because the energy and
melancholy enchants us....mesmorizes us, what else could we
say but.....yes. And give us more. Never stop. Continue. Go on.

Yourpyramid. Basement, concrete, electricity, ionized air BREATH,
at least try through this dirty swirling rough-edged trip to a land
were the cone-shaped buildings are cubicles of frosted glass
magnifying whats underneath. What lies there? Love, in huge
doses, calling your name, because you want it. you need it.
you might think it's too rough, but it's like honey.
you might think you've heard it before, but that's impossible.
you WILL know what it's about, because you don't even bother
to ask yourself or anybody else that question. LOVELOVELOVE

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