ELEKTRÅD - 20021027
Location: Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg, Sweden

StressAssassain had a go at executing the around 100 people
that showed up to see his performance on this rainy, husky, rusky
Sunday night. Imagine peacefully floating along the main traderoute
heading for the big market in da-nang. Your djonk is heavily loaded
with fish, waterchestnuts and asparagus. The fog swirls infinitely slow
around the boat, which leaves no trace except the minute
waves that from a birdsview makes an arrow, pointing towards
absolutely nothing and everything.
Just like that, you realize you are lost. But there is no feeling of
despair....and you are not afraid. You feel more attached to the
ground than ever before, but you look down and your djonk is gone.
You sense the eternal universe above your head, but you look up
and you see nothing except a ceiling of giant bamboo.
The calm water, raises gently, soothing and respirating in a flowmotion
causing the tender morning light to form basswaves, piercing your bone
with a warm shot of cotton, hot chocolate and honey. The growth to your
sides rattle and sizzle in complete rhythm with the input from all you senses.
"How did this big informate organic being turn into a maracas?", you wonder
as you let go, leaving it up to this man in front of you, thin glasses worn
and with a three-day beard.....
...leaving it up to him to guide you through this experience.
And so he does.....and he knows it and he does not know at the same
time. It doesn't matter. It's the same thing. Everything is everything.
HOWEVER, in that millisecond before you think can anticipate what
will come up next, you are sent back....waay back to a prehistoric
landscape...without any dinosaurs or plantlife. But it is there, in a
different form than a physical one. This is the spine of all life, the
love that supports all form of artistic expression, the energy that
endorses less-is-more-is-less-is-more, the harmony that produces
the two above...and so on.
When I, for a moment, float over to the bar for another beer. I look
around and realize that there are other people here that might just
feel something similar to this, but who knows?. They might be on that
spacestation orbiting the earth, on that oil-rig off the shore of Norway

StressAssassing gives you the choices of your own. If you have the
chance, if this man is giving a live-show within a radius of 500 miles
you owe it to yourself to see it.

Add to this Volfram and Eargoggle, playing records before and after
safely and dangerously embedding Pusterviksbaren in a cloud of
dissonance and electronic blue gas, weaving all the fibers that are
alive on a night like this....a Sunday night, together......making
the individual ten times more powerful. This being the second
Elektråd-club, one wonders where it will end...

/r. rudolpho jr.