EMS Vocoder 2000


The EMS Vocoder 2000 comes housed in a black 19" rack-mounting case with optional tilt-up feet. All connections are via 1/4" mono jacks. Four back-panel jack connections provide:

Technical specifications

Inputs: Speech and Excitation: Mic: 200mV max into 5.6 Kohm. Line: 10 V into 10 Kohm
Output: + 6 dbm unbalanced Impedance : 40 ohms

Metering: Independent 7-segment LED bar-graphs for speech and excitation levels
Filterbank:16 Analysing filters and 16 Synthesizing filters

Filter Cut-off: 30 db/octave
Frequency range: 20 hz-18khz

Internal excitation sources: white noise generator and pulse oscillator (0-1 khz). Both may be gated by the voiced/unvoiced detector. Oscillator frequency fixed or amplitude modulated.

Slew -Freeze: Panel control range continuous from fast to frozen. Time symmetry switchable to allow fast attacks and lengthened decays. Remote freeze footswitch optional. External voltage control of slew rate.

Pause stuffing: Automatic mixing of either input signal with output to avoid silences. Choices of two release times.

Signal to Noise Ratio: 78 db (with Gating off)

Power Consumption: 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 20 Watts.
Dimensions: 2 U rack . 410 x 444 x 87 mm

Weight: 5 kg