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The Museum of Synthesizer Technology
Martin Newcomb, 1994. 118 pages, A4, all in colour.

Full of very good colour photos of Martin’s amazing collection of real classics. More Moog modulars than you’ve ever seen before, for a start.


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Electronic & Computer Music
Peter Manning, Oxford University Press, second edition, 1993. 399 pages, A5, paperback.

Authoritative guide to synthesis, from the Telharmonium to the early Synclavier.


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The A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers
Part One (A-M), Peter Forrest, 1994. 240 pages, A5, 16 full colour. ARP, EDP, EML, EMS, Hammond, Korg, Moog, etc. Limited, numbered edition worldwide.

"A must-have for any vintage synth fan" - Mark Vail, Keyboard USA. "Essential reading" - Music Mart.

A-Z now revised, expanded (320 pp)

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The A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers
Part Two (N-Z), Peter Forrest, 1996. 272 pages, A5, 16 full colour.

Limited, numbered edition worldwide. 140 000 words, plus graphs, charts, illustrations.

Oberheim, Roland, Sequential, Yamaha, but all the obscurities as well.


A-Z now revised, expanded (370 pp)



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Synthesizer von gestern vol.1
Matthias Becker, 1990. 122 pages, A4, high quality full colour pictures by Dieter Stork.

Matthias Becker started in September 1987, writing an articleserie in the german magazine KEYBOARDS. Later on this was put together into a book "Synthesizer von gestern". With photos from Dieter Stork have Matthias Becker set a very high standard presenting historical synthesizers in word and picture. The wonderful photos (at least 100 in each volume ) make up the fact that it's in German. Everyone interested in classical synthesizer will find very interesting details, including information which maybe the manufacturer didn't think of.
Out of print!

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Synthesizer von gestern vol.2
Matthias Becker, 1995. 148 pages, A4, high quality full colour pictures by Dieter Stork.

Matthias Becker, born in 1955, has been involved in the world of synthesizers for more than two decades. During the eightes he ran a school in Koeln concentrating its activity on the theory and practise of the synthesizer. Matthias Becker is considered beeing an expert on Vintage synthesizers. His large collection of synthesizers have been publicly exhibited Osnabruck, Leipzig, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

This is Matthias Beckerīs second book with historical synthesizers. One of the best book ever!


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Keyfax 2
Julian Colbeck, 1986. A5, 240 pages of synth info from the most highly respected UK keyboard writer, including many mono and poly classics dropped from subsequent editions. Highly recommended.




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Electronic Music Systems -Techniques and Controls, Allen Strange, USA 1983/1996, A4, 275 pages.

Thorough-going patching techniques in theory. The last few copies of the ‘second edition’ very good printing and still the best analogue book ever. Sold out!
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Analogue Heaven - The Museum of Synthesizer Technology video, Martin Newcomb / Julian Colbeck. 50 minutes, VHS PAL format. Excellent sound and vision from the museum, including its opening by Bob Moog.

Astral Ambience, Museum of Synthesizer Technology sample CD, 1996. Over an hour of high quality samples using the magnificent collection at the Museum. Very impressive.

Synthesizer von gestern CDīs

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Synthesizer von gestern, Vintage Synths CD volume 1. Matthias Becker, 1990. 62 minutes, 22 tracks, each created by just one classic synthesiser, including ARP Odyssey, EMS Synthi-A, Korg PS3100, Mellotron, Memorymoog, Minimoog, System 55, Oberheim, Roland. English and German booklet.



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Synthesizer von gestern, Vintage Synths CD volume 2. Matthias Becker, 1992. 60 minutes, 20 tracks, including ARP 2600, EDP Wasp, EMS Synthi-100, Mixturtrautonium (Oskar Sala), OBXa, OSCar, Roland Jupiter 6 / System 100M, RSF Kobol, SCI Prophet 5, Synergy.


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Synthesizer von gestern, Vintage Synths CD volume 3. Matthias Becker, 1994. 59 minutes, 18 tracks, including Buchla System 100, E-mu modular, Gleeman Pentaphonic, Korg PS3300, Mixturtrautonium, Oberheim Xpander, Prophet VS/T8, Synthacon, Variophon, Yamaha GS2 / TX816.