Here are some pictures of my Elka SYNTHEX, an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer designed by Italian Mario Maggi. It appeared on the market in 1982 and has two DCOs per voice, multimode VCFs with resonance, oscillator sync, excellent cross-modulation and LFO-modulation capabilities, 80 memory locations, a four-track sequencer, split and double modes, a joystick with a separate variable-speed LFO for modulation, and a built-in chorus effects unit.
According to five Swedish (former) SYNTHEX owners, there may be only four SYNTHEXes in Sweden, and this unit might be the only one of them that is in its original condition. If somebody has a reason to believe that this is not the case, please let me know.
If you are also an owner of an Elka SYNTHEX, or have some useful information to share, please E-mail me! Maybe we could share our experiences.

For more info about the SYNTHEX, see for example the appropriate page at Synth.Site or the one at The Virtual Synthesizer Museum.

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Top view

Front view


Left side of the panel

Right side of the panel

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