The Buchla 200 modular synthesizer
at EMS in Stockholm

In May 2001, I visited EMS (Elektroakustisk Musik i Sverige) in Stockholm
together with my friend Magnus Danielson. The EMS studio 4 is equipped
with a Buchla 200 modular and a Serge modular.

As a starter, here come my photographs of all the Buchla modules:

Mixer / Preamlifier Model 207 144k, BIG 529k

Kinesthetic Input Port Model 221, left half 261k, BIG 878k

Kinesthetic Input Port Model 221, right half 236k, BIG 946k

Triple Envelope Follower Model 230 114k, BIG 419k

Programmable Complex Waveform Generator Model 259 389k, BIG 594k

Source of Uncertainty Model 266 162k, BIG 588k

Quad Function Generator Model 281 145k, BIG 533k

Frequency Shifter / Balanced Modulator Model 285 140k, BIG 520k

Quad Lopass Gate Model 292C 154k, BIG 570k

Programmable Spectral Processor Model 296 292k, BIG 1.1M

The images have a very warm and yellow tone, caused by the extensive use of
light bulbs in Studio 4, the analogue film in my camera, and the low-light condition.
But I like it that way, so I decided not to adjust the colours in the scanned material.

You should also take a look at my corresponding Serge page!

More photos will follow, with both Buchla and Serge material. Stay tuned.
And don't miss the Buchla modular schematics at Magnus' Buchla page!

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